A picture and an Imaginary conversation


[Colonel Joseph Duckworth was, is, and will forever remain a great American hero. I am a big fan and find him fascinating. I write this imaginary conversation with utmost respects.]

I was recently reading an article on the hurricane’s paths and pattern. It had references to some historical events and figures. There was a picture of pilot-trainer Colonel Joseph Duckworth, who, on a bet, flew a single-engine plane into a category 1 hurricane on.July 17, 1943, and became the first person in history to fly into the eye of a hurricane. I looked at the picture of him and imagined how his family, especially his mother, reacted when he told them what he was about to do. I am sure he had a great family and they supported his decision. But, I was thinking if his mom was anything like my aunt Ema, this is how most likely the whole scenario would go down.

[It was July 16, the day before the flight. Colonel Duckworth came to visit his mother as he did every day after work and before going home.]

Colonel — Hi mom. How are you?

Mom — Eh, like every other day. Aches and pains. Are you hungry?

Colonel — Yeah, mom. A little.

Mom- I have made some eggplant Parmesan today, your favorite. You wash your hands and sit down. I will get it.

Colonel — No, Mom. You sit. I will get it. I have something to tell you.

Mom- You sound serious. Everything OK?

Colonel — Yeah. Everything is fine. I have exciting news and I wanted you to be the first one to know.

Mom- OK Start eating and tell me what is so exciting, I hope it is good.

Colonel — [Cleared his throat] Well, mom. Please don’t yell when I tell you.

Mom — Oh, no! What did you do? Got in troubles again?

Colonel — A little, maybe. I made a bet and you are not gonna like it.

Mom — Again? And, this is your exciting news? What did I tell you about betting? You need money?

Colonel — No, no mom. I don’t need any money. I just have to fly somewhere tomorrow. I have never flown before.

Mom — Yeah, son. I heard on the radio a storm is coming tomorrow. You tell them you will fly the day after.

Colonel — Sorry, mom. That was the bet. I will have to fly into the eye of the hurricane.

Mom — YOU WHAT!!! She collapsed.

When she woke up two days later she saw the colonel sitting next to her.

Mom- What happened? What are you doing here? So, you listened to me and did not fly in the hurricane.

Colonel — Sorry, mom. I did. I had to do it. But, as you can see I am back safe and sound and sitting next to you. Here is the picture of me and my plane on the front page of all the newspapers. Are you happy, mom?

Mom- I am very happy and proud of you, son! But, how long have I been sleeping?

Colonel — It’s OK. mom, You needed the rest.

Mom- Thank you, son. Just, don’t make bets like that again!



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