Am I green?

Chinu Khandker
3 min readJun 30, 2021

[6/30/21 — Topic/Assignment: A conversion between two ‘things’.

I chose a tree with shiny green leaves and a gorgeous bird with red, yellow and white feathers.

Scene: A very pleasant morning. This bird flew in and sat on one of the branches.]

Bird — Good morning, Mr tree. I hope you don’t mind that I sat on one of your branches. My, my. I must say, you have the most beautiful green leaves!

Tree — Thank you. You look new to me. I haven’t seen you before. New in town?

Bird — Yes. I am visiting some friends. Stopped by for some fruits. But you don’t seem to have any fruits.

Tree — You are right, I don’t have any fruits. However, there are other trees around with fruits. I just have these beautiful green leaves and people seem to like me for that.” The tree paused a little and said, “At least that is what I thought all my life. And now….” the tree stopped with a sigh.

Bird — What’s wrong? You do have the most beautiful green leaves. I can see many new little green leaves are coming out. You should be proud.

Tree — Well, thank you. I am proud. However, I just heard recently that my leaves had no colors of their own.

Bird — That is absurd! Everyone knows that your leaves produce chlorophyll and that makes them so green.

Tree — Well, my little friend, I heard some people saying something very disturbing. They have a new theory now why the leaves look green.

Bird — (with a snicker), A new theory, eh? Those weird species who call themselves human are always trying to come up with some strange ideas. I am telling you they are the root cause of all our problems. Anyway, let’s hear what they are saying now!

Tree — They are saying that the reason you see the green leaves is because they are absorbing all the colors coming from the sun except the green. My leaves are rejecting and reflecting the color green, and that is why you see them green. In other words, we have no colors of our own. We only reflect color that we cannot absorb.”

Bird — Oh, that Sun! He takes all the credits for everything! Well, if that theory is correct then that means, I don’t have these beautifully colored feathers. I am only reflecting those colors. How am I reflecting all these colors from different parts of my body?

Tree — They have answers for that too. They say, the different chemical composition of different parts of your body reflects different colors. For example, you have a red tail. Your tail feathers absorb all colors except the red. In other words, according to their theory, you are such a beautifully colored bird not because you have all those colors, but because you cannot have those colors in you. Isn’t it weird!

Bird — It is. It may make sense to them. But, it does not matter to me. I know I am beautiful. I know you are beautiful. I bet many humans will also not pay much attention to this theory. Especially, the poets, painters, nature lovers or worshipers, children and many others. They will see us as we are — naturally beautiful and colorful. Anyway, nice talking to you. I am off to lunch now!

Tree — Thank you little bird. I am glad you came by. Stop by anytime you want and see my green leaves!

The little bird flapped its colorful wings, nodded his shiny white crown at the tree, said goodbye, and flew away happily.