Chocolate covered almonds

Chinu Khandker
2 min readFeb 22, 2022


[2/14/2022 — Writing suggestion from KIP Creative Writing Group —

“Your new boss surprises you with a beautiful heart shaped box of chocolates. You dislike chocolate and cannot refuse this expensive gift. What would you do?”]

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Well, it really happened a long time ago. I just started to work at a new place. My boss was a very nice gentleman. Quite good looking and friendly. We were a small group. It was my first week at this place. On Valentine’s day, he called us into his office and handed us small gifts. Mine was a nicely wrapped heart shaped chocolate box. I didn’t like chocolates that much. However, I was just too happy to receive a gift from the boss. Being a brand new employee, I was not expecting it. I thanked my boss. He was happy to see smiles on the people who reported to him.

I was thinking, I should not waste the chocolate. What to do? Whom should I give it to? Couldn’t give it to any of my coworkers. I didn’t want my boss to find out I gave his gift away. Anyway, I opened the wrapper carefully to check what kind of chocolate it was. Picture on the box showed small pieces of chocolate covered almonds. Great! I love almonds! I put the wrapping back. I took the box home. I gave my husband the box as a gift. He ate the shell and I ate the almonds. We enjoyed the gift and thought what a nice and caring boss I had!