If the Statue of Liberty could speak, what would she say?

Chinu Khandker
3 min readJun 27, 2022


[6/30/2022 — A Writing club assignment]

Like most immigrants, we also thought the Statue of Liberty was the most wonderful thing in America. It has a very special meaning to people who are emigrating from all over the world. It symbolizes many things including freedom of thoughts. My husband, Sam, told me a lot about the statue and gave me a small booklet he collected from someone and asked me to read and know history.

We took a ferry from Battery Park. There were hundreds of people like us on the island. It was a very memorable moment. Many people decided to walk the stairs. We followed them. We went up to the pedestal and were awed by the views of the Statue’s inner skeletal structure. Sam wished to walk up to the crown. I had no intention of walking to an almost 20 story high building whose stairs are 9 inches high and 8 inches long. Anyway, we were happy and felt like we accomplished something.

While we were having a snack after our expedition, Sam seemed really proud to be able to visit the statue. He and some other men were talking about the statue very excitedly among themselves, almost like some 12 year old kids. Afterwards we went near the statue again and sat in a nicely arranged area. I kept looking at the statue. He noticed my gaze and felt very proud that he could bring me to such a place. He asked me with a gloat, “So, what do you think? Awesome, ha? Now you can send pictures back home and say that you were at the statue. Isn’t it a great feeling?” I said, “Yeah” He was surprised “What happened? You don’t sound so thrilled. You didn’t like being here?” “No, no I am glad you brought me here. I was just thinking of one thing.” “What? Maybe I can answer it. I read a lot about the Statue of Liberty, you know?” I did. However, I was still a little hesitant to ask the question. When finally I did ask him, he seemed a little upset, and said, “After all this time, with so much history, you came up with that question? Good that no one else heard you”. I looked around, everyone was still talking excitedly and busy taking pictures. No one heard me. I wanted to tease Sam a little. I said, “Just wondering if the lady Liberty could hear me what would be her responses you think? Sam said, “If she could you she would probably shake her head and say, Now I have heard everything.” I said, “I admit it is a pretty silly question. But, I don’t agree with you. I am sure if she could hear and speak she would say, ‘I have heard worse.” I was only thinking why the lady looked like she had a healthy young body yet her face looked like a tired old grandmother?

After a while we forgot all about my silly question and felt very happy and proud being at the Statue of Liberty. Anyway, I learned many years later that other people also wondered the same question. I found the answer which I never told my husband. I knew he wouldn’t like to hear it.