That is my chair

[ It is based on my personal experience in a senior center. Certainly did not want to make fun of anyone. We all want to be with friends or people we are familiar with. It is a natural instinct for all social beings.]

First day ; I pulled up a chair and sat down,

She came in, and looked at me with a frown.

Looking very upset she said, “That is my chair.”

I was surprised, what just happened here?

It’s a big round table, eight chairs around.

There are other tables, oblong and round.

So many places to sit and eat lunch!

But, she just stood there. Finally, I had a hunch.

Maybe, this is the chair she sat on every day,

OK, no problem, I will just move away.

I apologized, stood up, gave the chair back,

One person looked up, stopped eating her snack,

Asked in a stern voice, “what are you doing?”

“Well”, I said, “This is her chair, I am moving.”

“No, you don’t, You stay where you are.

There are plenty of chairs, anybody can sit anywhere.”

I could see on her face,a storm was brewing,

Enough is enough, I decided on leaving.

Moved to the next table, hoping things to be better

Someone said, “you can sit now, but my friends are coming later.”

Well, What does that mean? I wondered,

Change the table? But, why? I was a little flustered.

Moved again to an empty table — oh, good,

All chairs are empty — just wait for the food !

Suddenly, four came in together, asked me to move over

“Why”? I asked. “Because these are the chairs we sit together.”

“Okay, but there are four other chairs for all of you to sit on,

Otherwise, feel free to file a complaint or make a motion,

I already moved twice, that was my good deed for the day.

Unless I see someone’s name on the chair, I am here to stay.”



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